Red Wombat Chickens

Welcome to the Red Wombat Chickens Live Stream

The chicken stream is live from approximately sunrise to sunset US Eastern Time. There are a total of 20 chickens, young and old currently in residence, and you can find out more on the Cast page.

The chickens live in Pittsboro, NC, USA.

You can support the chickens (and their keepers) in the following ways:

Cast of Characters

These are the Chickens you are likely to see:

Strong Independent ChickenTater Tot
Brown Leghorn Bantam Buff Cochin
Lorge RoosterBuffy
Rhode Island Red Buff Orpington
The Nuggets
Misc Chicks
GiantNinja the Rooster
Jersey Giant Sumatra/Wyandotte Mix
Specled Sussex Dominique
Cream Legbar Cream Legbar
B.B.The Chicken Keeper
Cream Legbar Human male with a hen on his shoulder
With Special Guest The Fabulous Houdan Brother Daryll
Mottled Houdan
Gone but not forgotten: Other Brother Daryll
Mottled Houdan

About Red Wombat Chickens

Red Wombat Chickens is a production of Red Wombat Studio, comprised of Kevin Sonney and Ursula Vernon. Chickens are raised and kept by Kevin.

All the eggs are consumed by the residents of WombatHaus.

The stream is hosted by Twitch

The cameras in use are the Wyze Cam V2 series of cameras.

The streaming software is by The OBS Project. The backend automation is built with Node-RED